About us

Perfect Ltd has been working for you since 1989. Its located in Starachowice. 

Perfection is the one of the main aims which we are trying to achieve. Thanks to our development we were able to buy big wood components’ production plant in 1995 located on the area of about 10hectars with 20000m2 production halls and buildings. The main departments of our company are: sawmill, finger-jointing division, drying chambers, small orders department, sales office. Each of the section specialized in some part of wood’s processing, thanks to this we are able to achieve high quality and big efficiency.

We are still modernizing our machines and make big investments. We have big experience and about 150 highly qualified workers. Thus, we are very flexible and can cover interior and foreign market demands. We put very big pressure on highest quality and producing orders on time. This is our main aim.

Despite of highly processed wood elements we also sell variety products like exotic wood, paints, lacquers, glues used in wood laminating, windows’ accessories, health and safety products and also second hand wood machines.

Our main mission is promotion of wood. Its beauty, uniqueness and versatile comply with human being since thousands years. It is one of the most important renewable natural  sources in the world.

We always do our best to produce only highest quality wood products using most modern technologies and hearts of our workers.